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Integrated circuits, or IC chips, are a complicated cornerstone of today's electronics. Modern IC chips incorporate an integrated circuit printed on a wafer and attached to the "package" containing electrical connections to the printed circuit board upon which the IC chip is soldered. The packaging for the IC chip also provides head transfer away from the wafer and, in some situations, a lead frame around the wafer itself.

When the IC chip contains a lead frame, the electrical connections on the wafer are bonded to the pads on the lead frame which is then bonded to the package.

Consistent bonding is imperative to the reliability and low failure rate of IC chips. In order to ensure a clean, long lasting, and electrically low resistant bond, many IC manufacturers utilize plasma technology to clean each point of contact before it is glued or soldered. Plasma treatment on semiconductors can substantially improve reliability.

Plasma Etch, Inc. has a history of working hand-in-hand with the semiconductor industry and is committed to providing unparalleled plasma treatment solutions for every possible application. Some of these applications include:

Plasma Cleaning for Various IndustriesCleaning
Removes contaminants and residue from material surfaces.
Plasma Bonding for Various IndustriesBonding
Facilitates the direct bonding of materials.
Plasma Adhesion for Various IndustriesAdhesion
Prepares surfaces for coating, painting, etc.
Plasma Polymerization for Various IndustriesPolymerization
Enables polymerization via gaseous monomers.
Plasma Activation for Various IndustriesActivation
Alters surface properties to create functional regions.

Applications for the Semiconductor Industry

Our plasma treatment systems are currently being used in the following areas for purposes such as cleaning, etching, surface activation, and increasing manufacturability:

  • Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Assembly (ASPA), Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)
  • Encapsulation, Molding
  • Underfill
  • Wire Bond
  • Die Attach
  • Decapsulation for Failure Analysis
  • Via Cleaning
  • Bump Adhesion
  • Dielectric Patterning
  • BCB/UBM Polymer Adhesion
  • Wafer Pre-Treatment
  • Stripping/Etching
  • Wafer Cleaning
  • Descum for WLP