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Plasma Etch, Inc. has a history of working with the ceramics industry and is committed to providing unparalleled plasma treatment solutions for every possible application. Some of these applications include:

Plasma Cleaning for Various IndustriesCleaning
Removes contaminants and residue from material surfaces
Plasma Bonding for Various IndustriesBonding
Facilitates the direct bonding of materials
Plasma Adhesion for Various IndustriesAdhesion
Prepares surfaces for coating, painting, etc.
Plasma Polymerization for Various IndustriesPolymerization
Enables polymerization via gaseous monomers
Plasma Activation for Various IndustriesActivation
Alters surface properties to create functional regions

Ceramics Case Studies

Ceramic Parts Case Study
Client: Manufacturer of Various Ceramic Parts
Parts: Ceramic
Contaminates: Oils, Organics
Equipment Used: Plasma Etch System Model BT-1

This company manufactures various ceramic parts. To gauge the success of plasma treatment on these ceramics parts, a before and after treatment contact angle was taken. Before treatment, the contact angle was 88 degrees. After treatment, the contact angle was reduced 12 degrees. The contact angle in this instance was measured in 5 different places on each substrate, and the contact angle remained ± 2 degrees. This company used an argon~oxygen plasma treatment prior to wire bonding to increase adhesion and bond strength.

Subsequent studies have correlated a reduction in contact angle results and dramatically increased bond strength.

This company chose Plasma Etch, Inc. due to the uniform etch that was received on their test samples.